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We have been building our wooden didgeridoos from native Swiss wood for 25 years. Our instruments are known for their noticeably clear, distinctive sounds and best playing characteristics. The designs of our wooden didgeridoos are chosen according to the nature of the trunk to create a unique instrument.


We look forward to showing you our didgeridoos in person, because we know how important it is to test the instruments yourself.

To make an appointment, fill out the contact form or send us an e-mail to:

100% Native Swiss wood



Our wooden didgeridoos are 100% hand-made and are manufactured in our workshop with attention to detail and dedication.

We are continuously researching to achieve our goal of the "perfect sound". The didgeridoos are therefore known for their exceptionally clear sound and best playing characteristics.


Our didgeridoos are made of Swiss wood. We only select timber of which we know the exact origin. The preservation of nature and forests is our highest priority, and we are personally committed to sustainability on all levels.

The logs are carefully stored for at least four years. At the earliest after this time it will become apparent if a genuine Swiss Didgeridoo Artwork instrument can be created from the logs. Only after this long drying phase will it become clear if the stored trunk is suitable for becoming a high-quality instrument.




It is especially important to us that the wood and design are perfectly aligned and form a harmony. Therefore, the structure, grain, shape, and color of a log will determine the final design. From a simple ornamentation to a large-scale design, the artwork always adapts to the instrument and lets it appear in the most favorable light. Most of the designs are inspired by us, but some instruments are also designed by skilled and talented artists.

For the finish we only use high-quality oils and varnishes. This not only gives the instrument maximum protection but also guarantees a long life.


We build our instruments with the greatest care and craftsmanship. As wood is a living material, it continues to work and move (shrinking and swelling). If, despite all our efforts, damage should occur to your didgeridoo, we will naturally repair it professionally, promptly, and free of charge.

We offer a lifetime warranty for all our wooden didgeridoos.

It goes without saying that violent influences and improper handling are excluded.

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