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Our design protected Airdidge is the perfect travel companion. With a pack size of only 37cm and its low weight of 540g, it can easily be taken along and stowed anywhere. When extended, the instrument measures a full 186cm and astonishes by its ease of playing. The Airdidge is made of high-quality, durable carbon and is insensitive to moisture, cold and high temperatures.

100% carbon

3 tuned pitches

Convince yourself of its rich sound now!


!!!! And with the new Slide & Tune-Air adapter you can play ALL pitches !!!!

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The Airdidge is playable in various pitches, dependent on how many parts it is shortened by. Each pitch can be tuned quickly and accurately by fine-tuning (sliding the telescope elements together or pulling them slightly apart). The sound and playing quality remain excellent with all possible variations. The instrument is pleasant to play and has a pleasing back pressure. The range of possible pitches is B Flat/C/E Flat.


Our Airdidge is made from 100% carbon. Carbon, a carbon fiber reinforced plastic, is characterized by its remarkably high stability and extreme light weight. Weighing only 540 grams, the Airdidge is one of the lightest and most compact didgeridoos available on the market today. With its pack size of only 37cm, the instrument fits into any bag, suitcase or backpack and can be taken along effortlessly.


Cleaning the Airdidge is easy: Simply rinse the instrument with cold water.




The idea of developing a high-quality didgeridoo that was also compact, mobile, and easy to store had been on our minds for a long time. Since a didgeridoo must obviously have a certain length, we soon realized that the only way to achieve a feasible result was by means of the "telescope principle", i.e. the didgeridoo must be extendable - and retractable - similar to an antique telescope. Our Airdidge is an innovative, portable didgeridoo which is not only optimally adapted to the needs of travelers, but also solves any space problems. Carbon is the ideal material, which meets all our requirements regarding stability and weight.

The Airdige instruments are made exclusively for Swiss Didgeridoo Artwork in Asia.